We Spealize in having the hard to find Items. 

Welcome to Dream Crystal Gifts. We have been on business since 1979. We started as a little hole in the wall on 8th and National. We are now over 30 years and our customers tell us every day that they used to come in with their parents. Makes me feel a little older every time they say that. We have over 10,000 items in stock. We are now also a concert promotor for Purple Pass. We have concert tickets to many events including the one and only Bob Marley Fest in February. We offer many Reggae items and a shirt line from the Bob Marley's family line. We have great variety of tattoo Items. You can buy 1 needle or just 1 tubes. Most we sites make you buy 50 at a time. We sell Posters,T-Shirts, Books, Figurines, Dice, Incense, Stickers, Patches, Jewlery, Flags, Beaded Curtains, Dominos, Skateboards and accessories, Detoxify Drinks, Safe Cans, Scales, and Tobacco and Hookah Products with the best prices in Town.

About Us!!!

Dream Crystal Gifts Inc.

We also Own the Flower Shop next door and it's called Angel Petals. Here is a link to the shop.Michelle is my Designer and she can make whatever you want. She's very good.